Company Overview

The “Pisco 100 … Perfectly Peruvian” brand was founded by U.S. entrepreneur Richard Gray, and Peruvian Pisco distiller, Guillermo Ferreyros. Gray and Ferreyros formed a Peruvian company in 1999, to distill fine Peruvian hand-crafted Pisco in Peru, under the “Guillermo Ferreyros” brand. This very same hand-crafted Peruvian Pisco was re-branded and re-packaged as “Pisco 100…” for introduction into the U.S. market in 2008. The “Guillermo Ferreyros”
brand continues to be distributed in Perú.

Peruvian Pisco International, Ltd. 

Imported by:

RGA Imports, LLC
5180 Lake Margaret Drive
Orlando, FL 32812
Ph: (407) 737-8965
Fax: (407) 381-7696

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