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Perfectly Peruvian

Our premium Pisco is produced in Peru under the strict supervision and care of renowned Master Distiller Guillermo Ferreyros. Pisco 100 Acholado is a unique and exceptionally sophisticated beverage. It is a clear, translucent spirit made from the fresh “wine must” of expertly blended Quebranta, Torontel and Italia grape varietals from the Ica region near the city of Ica and the port of Pisco.  It requires an average of 8 kilos (18 pounds) of grapes to produce just one liter of Pisco 100. Pisco grapes are gently pressed to avoid imparting tannins into the Pisco. This is one of the many reasons that Pisco 100 boasts the distinguishing seal of Hecho a Mano (Handcrafted).

Like a true modern Conquistador, we invite you to discover and enjoy the pleasures of Pisco 100 or to be among the first establishments to introduce a truly exquisite hand crafted Pisco to your best Customers. In turn, you will be conquered by its extraordinary quality, exquisite taste, full aroma and transparent elegance.

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Learn the recipes of our best mixes and enjoy the perfect cocktail at the best time.

Adventure into the classic cocktails that can be made, modified, and even perfected with Pisco 100.


Our Company

The “Pisco 100 … Perfectly Peruvian” brand was founded by U.S. entrepreneur Richard Gray, and Peruvian Pisco distiller, Guillermo Ferreyros. Gray and Ferreyros formed a Peruvian company in 1999, to distill fine Peruvian hand-crafted Pisco in Peru, under the “Guillermo Ferreyros” brand. This very same hand-crafted Peruvian Pisco was re-branded and re-packaged as “Pisco 100…” for introduction into the U.S. market in 2008. The “Guillermo Ferreyros” brand continues to be distributed in Perú.

Our Company

History of Pisco

Pisco means bird (Pishco) in the Quechua dialect. It is also the name of an ancient yet thoroughly modern, exquisite and popular alcohol distilled from grapes growing in the wine-producing regions of the mystical Ica Valley, near the bustling port and province of Pisco, close to the Nazca lines, in fertile Peru.

This elegant spirit is the exceptional product of a loving marriage of soil, climate and vines, which allow it to reach its full splendor. It is also the national spirit of Peru.

Pisco, and the many delicious cocktails and alcoholic mixed drinks made with it, has been popular for centuries and favored by royalty as well as the rich and famous worldwide. This exquisite spirit, second to none in the history of beverages, was savored by the Spanish Conquistadores from the time that the Marquis de Carabantes first imported the grapes to Peru from the Canary Islands in 1553.

As trade between Peru and Europe grew during the colonial years, so did the international popularity of Pisco. Pisco production began to dramatically expand in the 1940’s, thanks to economic and social stability in Peru, emanating from the export of its rich copper and gold resources. In the years following the re-establishment of Pisco production, many different varieties of grapes were used, leading to a wide variation in flavor, aroma, viscosity and appearance. This served to enhance its popularity among the connoisseurs even more.

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